Dress Up Fun For Pets

Howl-o-ween a fun time of year for pets and children alike. Whether you want your pet in a costume or whether you want them colored, all sorts of fun things can happen. Take Uma a little white poodle who needs no reason to dress up! Uma loves to play with colors this year she opted for gory green ears with the pumpkin orange body stripe and top knot. She loves to have her nails too painted as well and opted for “pleasing pumpkin” this year. You should see her as she struts through downtown La Mesa.

To color our dogs we use a safe non-toxic blow pen that is actually used for children’s art. It will wash out on her next bath. If you’d like to have your pet’s nails done we also offer a special polish specifically made for pets dries quick and is not as harsh as human nail polish.

Why not treat your pet do something special? Body coloring and nail polish is very affordable and a fun way to make your pet stand out from the rest. Coloring generally only works on light colored dogs and cats. Nail polish can be used on any color nails, and we don’t recommend it for cats.