Its that time of year..for your FREE calendar!

We want to thank your for your business.    To show our appreciation we like to give  our really great calendars free to you, the best customers a groomer can have!!

We have 3 great styles to choose from this year.  Our kittens, dogs and pets.  Calendars start in December and come with memory minder stickers.  Everyone needs a calendar!

These are so popular and go very fast.  Come on down and pick up your free one today.  Again quantities are limited and once their gone their gone.  We offer 1-2 per household and if you would like more they are $3.00 each.


While your in why not pick up a T-shirt too.  Our T-shirts are on special this month for only $8.00.  That’s 20% off normal price for the month of October.