Lolly and Dude are a brother sister team that came to the salon a few years ago.  They were in need of a home and we took them in.  Lolly is rare that she is a girl, as most orange tabby’s are boys!  Lolly must have been a Secretary in a former life because she constantly licks all envelopes that are on the counter.  She loves to be petted and usually gets in your business as she thinks she owns the front counter.


Dude is usually laying in his window seat sleeping.  He loves kids and men the most.  He has steel blue eyes that just make you melt.  He should have been named Sinatra! He loves to assist our receptionist whenever she is doing paperwork, making bandanas or collar flowers and likes to lay right in the center of everything. He loves to tear paperwork up!  We have to hide the appointment book from him.  Dude is a very large flame point with cattatude!  He likes to be brushed and can jump from the front counter into a tiny window 3 feet away.  He hates the vacuum and runs like a crazy man whenever we turn in on!